About Brush My Teeth

Why this resource was developed

Life is not fair. For some people it is easy to stay healthy. For others, especially people who get help caring for themselves, it can be pretty hard. It is especially hard to keep your mouth healthy of you need help to do this.

As dental and disability experts we have seen our clients and patients develop unnecessary oral disability due to preventable oral diseases like gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss. We have witnessed the unfairness of oral disease: people who need help have worse oral health and worse treatment outcomes compared to those who do not need help.

What is most upsetting is that these diseases are preventable! Dental diseases can be prevented with the simple habit of effective and regular tooth brushing. So, we decided to help you all brush better by trying something new. We call it Brushmyteeth.ie.

Brushmyteeth.ie is built on 5 core principles


This website was primarily developed to reduce inequalities in oral health. It also aims to promote equality across professions and equalise power of knowledge between professionals and healthcare users. Have you noticed that our videos are led by people with disabilities and dental professionals equally? This gives our videos the power of being disability and dental led. What’s more, now we have people with disabilities teaching everyone! We love that.


We wanted to break down the barriers that so many people face that stands between them and a healthy mouth. Why travel to the dentist to find out how to brush your teeth when you can do it from home. Better still, rather than have a professional tell you what to do to stay healthy, why not chose yourself! After all, you and those who help you will understand your issues better than anyone.


We also wanted to make sure that we captured the creativity needed to make tooth brushing work for some people who find this hard. So we wanted to be as creative as possible when making these resources. Creativity also means change and novelty. We want users to change how they care for each other and their mouths radically. Be brave – make a change.


We have based these resources on the best available evidence at the time. That means that we have studied this area before creating these resources. This allows us all to take advantage of the best available knowledge to increase our chances of better health. We plan to evaluate these resources too. Get in touch if you have any ideas to help us with this.


We made sure that we have included people with disabilities and those who support them at every stage of this project. From the initial plan, to scripting, lay out, even Dr Kev’s face. We have made a lot of effort to make sure that the videos cover issues that are important to people with disabilities. Test screenings were also held to ensure a clear message.

Meet The Team

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Dr. Caoimhin Mac Giolla Phadraig PhD

Kev graduated from TCD in 2002.

He completed specialist training in Special Care Dentistry (D. Ch. Dent.) in TCD in 2010.

Since then he has been a Lecturer and Assistant Professor in Public Dental Health (Disability Studies), in the School of Dental Science, Trinity College Dublin.  

Kev is interested in the provision of basic dental care of people with disabilities. His PhD studies focused on the oral health of older adults with ID. Kev leads the dental aspects of the IDS TILDA collaboration.

He also has an interest in Health Service Action Research and was the lead researcher on the award winning Project SMILE Ireland.

Kev also leads collaborative research into oral health promotion for adults with intellectual disabilities and has published widely in this field.

Professor June Nunn PhD


June has worked in the area of Special Care Dentistry since 1980, publishing her PhD on the oral health of children with disabilities and the resources available to them for dental care in the north east of England. She has been an advocate for oral health for people with disabilities most of her professional life. She is a founding member of the Irish Society for Disability and Oral Health as well as secretary and past president of both the British and International Associations for Disability and Oral Health and the first editor of the Journal of Disability and Oral Health. On returning to Ireland in 2001, her vision was to embed an inclusive approach to the oral care of people with disabilities by developing education programmes for under- and postgraduates, mentoring the clinical academics of the future, establishing secondary and tertiary care clinical services and instigating meaningful research projects and interventions that would make a difference to people’s lives.    

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Dr. Catherine Waldron PhD 

Catherine is a researcher with particular interest in Special Care Dentistry. She is a lecturer in dentistry and health promotion and has extensive clinical experience and an enthusiasm for empowering patients to improve and maintain their oral health.
She has completed her PhD in Special Care Dentistry on the topic of oral hygiene interventions for people with disabilities. She has completed a Masters by Research on the topic of communication skills in the dental setting and a Masters in Health Promotion on the topic of smoking cessation counselling in the dental setting. Catherine is a past Director of the Dental Hygiene Programme in the Dublin Dental University Hospital. She also has qualifications in Dental Nursing, Dental Hygiene and teaching. She is actively involved nationally and internationally in her profession and is a past president of the Irish Dental Nurses Association and Irish Dental Hygienists Association and a past Vice-President of the International Federation of Dental Hygienists

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Ann-Marie Reid

Ann Marie Reid is a passionate oral health advocate. She teaches to dentistry, dental nursing and dental hygiene students in Trinity College Dublin about disability awareness and the value of good communication between dentists and their patients. Ann Marie has also lectured to qualified dentists with the ISDH. trainer with ACE Communication. Ann Marie has been a co-researcher on projects about improving dental services for people with disabilities and communication.

When Ann Marie is not busy being an oral health advocate, she is tutoring LAMH, an Irish sign language and communication. She is also passionate about advocacy.

Ann Marie has completed a course in DIT on Advocacy and Leadership.Ann Marie volunteers with older people and has also worked in childcare. She also loves music and performing.

Anne-Marie Chalkey

Anne-Marie is keen to help people with and without disabilities to improve their oral health. 

She is enthusiastic about her own oral health and wants to share her interest with you. 

Anne-Marie works part time in Dunnes Stores in Dublin and is a keen fan of bowling. She is a member of the Dublin City Strikers Bowling Club. She also likes Aqua Aerobics and likes to spend her time in Arch Club.


This is Anne-Marie's first time acting. 

Ceara Cleary, RDH

Ceara is a dental hygienist in the HSE. She has extensive experience in supporting people with disabilities to achieve and maintain oral health. She is the main hygienist treating people with disabilities in Dublin South West for the last decade. She is also currently employed in the DDUH within special care and head and neck cancer clinics. She is trained in health behaviour change models such as Motivational Interviewing and non-pharmacological behaviour support. Ceara is passionate about improving oral hygiene for people with disabilities. 

Lorraine Ledger, ADON   
St Michael's House

Lorraine is a registered nurse for people with Intellectual Disability with over 30 years’ experience. Lorraine presently works as a ADON providing a nursing and managerial support for St Michaels House Residential and Respite Services. Lorraine recently completed a masters in nursing leadership in the RCSI and a module on health informatics in DCU. She has an interest in health promotion, integrated care and the utilisation of technology to improve health and wellbeing.

Anne Spencer, CNM1       
St Michael's House

Anne is a registered nurse general from the UK with experience in critical care nursing (both adults and paediatrics). She has a Master’s degree in eLearning from DCU and is currently working as a CNM1 in St Michael's House in a project role. Anne has an interest in health promotion and the adoption of new technologies to improve health and wellbeing of service users their carer’s and families and other healthcare professionals. Anne is keen to look to collaborative opportunities to work across and between services to improve healthcare in Ireland.


Healthy Teeth for Everybody

Brushmyteeth.ie is a website dedicated to improving the oral health of everybody. We particularly want t help people who find mouth cleaning difficult. Help us spread the joy of clean mouths and healthy smiles by spreading the good word.